One must eat at least 30 to 60 grams of nuts on a daily basis to benefit from the positive impacts of nuts. Avoid eating more than this amount as nuts are known to be a fatty food, which is high in caloric value. Several people are worried about gaining weight if they consume nuts. A serving of about 30 grams of nuts contain about 200 kilocalories but weight gain is not associated with nuts if you eat it in moderation.

You may not believe this – The Nurses’ study that was conducted showed that those who ate nuts on a regular basis within the context of a balanced diet are slightly thinner as compared to those who do not eat nuts at all. Consuming peanuts and almonds on a daily basis did not cause any weight gain as such.

handful.jpgThis finding has been attributed to the high fat content found in nuts which were thought to be more filling, thereby resulting in a lower intake of other foods. Besides, the fibre found in nuts inhibited some fat absorption. Hence instead of munching on empty calories like a bag of potato chips, snack on a handful of nuts each day to stay healthier and trimmer!