allnuts1.jpgNuts are a source of several important vitamins and minerals beneficial to our body. However, it seems that nuts are not given the importance that they deserve.

Not only are they not given due importance, some people consider them to be unhealthy. However, nutritionists do not seem to have the same opinion.

The general advice given by nutritionists is to include nuts as part of the diet. It may be avoided only if you are known to have some kind of allergy to them.

Nuts are considered good for overall health because they are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and other nutrients. A study conducted recently goes to show that nuts also have a positive effect in reducing the cholesterol levels in our body.

Nuts like tree nuts and peanuts are also known to have properties that could actually reduce your risk of a heart disease.

Our discussion takes us further to one of the most important questions regarding nuts. What we would like to know at this stage is the list of nuts that are healthy and good for our body. The walnut, for instance, is a nut that is highly nutritious with omega3 fatty acids that has properties like reducing fat levels in the blood stream. It is also useful in reducing the cholesterol levels in our body.

Next includes almonds which are a very rich source of fiber, protein and other nutrients. They are a rich source of Vitamin E, a powerful biological antioxidant. A handful of almonds everyday would show some very favorable results making you stronger and healthier. A study which was conducted on two sets of people for reducing the cholesterol levels in the body has gone on to show absolutely amazing results. In the study, one batch was given drugs for reducing the levels of cholesterol while the second group had almonds on a regular basis along with a balanced diet that included soy, oats, and legumes.

The two groups recorded the same reduction in cholesterol levels. This goes on to show the effectiveness of almonds in reducing cholesterol.

However, not all nuts are good for your health. Unlike walnuts, almond, pine nuts, peanuts which can do you a lot of good, nuts like cashew nuts and Brazil nuts are known to have very high fat content.

Nuts must be a part of your daily diet whether as snacks during the day or as part of your regular meal. It could even be used as ingredients in the dishes you cook. A handful of nuts each day on a regular basis can provide wonderful health benefits. But take care not to over eat them as they are relatively high in fat.